historical.diagnostic contains two kinds of diagnostics, which are descriptions of part or all of a data set:

  • coverage concerns which areas (countries or regions), time periods, and measures are included, or not.

  • quality includes sanity checks, such as computed/derived statistics for data, and their comparison to reference values.

Automated diagnostics

These can be run using the CLI command ixmp historical diagnostic FOLDER. Output is produced in a new folder named FOLDER.

Diagnostics for historical data sets.

item.historical.diagnostic.coverage(df, area='COUNTRY', measure='VARIABLE', period='TIME_PERIOD')[source]

Return information about the coverage of a data set.


Run all diagnostics.

Specific diagnostic tests


item.historical.diagnostic.A003.compute(activity, stock)[source]

Quality diagnostic for freight load factor.

Returns the ratio of road freight traffic from T003 and the total number of freight vehicles from T009.