International Transport Energy Modeling (iTEM) toolkit

iTEM maintains two databases:

  1. A historical database to form a common, public, “best available” baseline for model calibration and projections. The historical database is under continuous development.

  2. A model database of transport energy projections assembled as part of the iTEM model intercomparison projects (MIPs) linked to iTEM workshops. To meet the intellectual property concerns of workshop participants, the model database is currently not public, and only available on request; however, the tools used to prepare it are public. These tools are developed periodically, during sequential MIPs.

This documentation, built automatically from the transportenergy/database GitHub repository, describes the Python and R code for maintaining these databases.


The goals for these tools are that:

  • iTEM participants use the tools to access either database and perform basic data manipulations such as retrieval, selection, and aggregation, in either Python, R (or possibly, in the future, other languages).

  • Members of the iTEM organizing group use the tools to prepare templates for data submission, and to aggregate & clean submitted data.

  • iTEM participants, if they choose, maintain code that transparently & reproducibly derives the iTEM variables from immediate output files of their models.

  • The tools are well-tested and yield reproducible results.

  • The tools are fully documented.


Copyright © 2017–2021 iTEM contributors

The software is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3.

If you use or reference data from either iTEM database, or use the code, in preparation of any scientific publication, please cite the appropriate reference.