Data dimensions

item.model.dimensions.check(A, out_file)[source]

Compare a table of quantities, A, to the official list.

The comparison is performed using a database ‘outer’ join; this preserves rows in either table that do not appear in the other.

Results are written to out_file; the last two columns, ‘unit_generated’ and ‘unit_official’ are filled iff the quantity is present in the respective list.


Attempt to generate the reporting quantities from simple rules.

item.model.dimensions.list_pairs(in_file, out_file)[source]

Helper function for preparing the quantities list.

Writes a file out_file with all unique combinations of variables between successive dimesions in in_file; that is, all combinations of: - variable & mode, - mode & technology, and - technology & fuel.


Load a data submission template for version.